Founder & Director


Robert Gray BA, PCC, CLC


  • Culture and Organizational Change Management 
  • Public Speaking 
  • Leadership Development 
  • Strengths Deployment 
  • Human Improvement 
  • Conflict Management 
  • Leadership Coaching 
  • Facilitation 

Robert's coaching experience and practice bring a perfect blend of high invitation and high challenge, this helps create a safe space in which people can bring their true self and also on which they can challenge themselves to enter into who they want to be and what they want to accomplish.  He is quiet, calm and collected and yet inquisitive and assertive at the same time - this combination allows the client to be free to explore new thoughts and ideas and come to outcomes that work for them. 

Robert’s coaching brings a deep connection of heart and head - he believes these two components are beneficial, if not, necessary for healthy, sustainable change and outcomes. 

An accomplished background with more than 7 years of coaching involvement in both the corporate and the not-for-profit world.  Robert’s energy is focused on helping people connect their skills and experience to their values, passions and purpose. He has 20 years’ experience in local church pastoral ministry both in the UK and Canada and is skilled and practiced in teaching, the facilitation of learning, coaching, leadership development, culture and organizational change management, sales and continuous human improvement. He is skilled in public speaking and working with small groups and individuals. 

Robert holds a Bachelor Degree with Honours in Theology and Pastoral Care; Certificates in Building Coaching Cultures, Coach Approach to Facilitation and Coach Approach to Sales. He is a Total SDI (Strengths Deployment Inventory) Facilitator, as well as a Professional Certified Leadership Coach through the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

He was born in Scotland, is married to Lara and they have 2 boys, Tobey and Blair. He is a political geek of the highest order and loves watching and keeping up with political elections from around the world (he’s even been known to watch re-runs of elections, even though he already knows the results…eccentric, yes). 

He also enjoys reading, especially political biographies and studies of human improvement and faith. You will often find Robert sitting in some of his favourite coffee shops with friends, working or enjoying a good book.